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Wolf House x Shop is fully committed to every guest having a satisfactory experience with us. Please follow our recommended pre-installation requirements and hair care guide to ensure you have a pleasurable experience with your new luxurious tresses (Her). 


xBeauty Pre-Installation Requirements

Quality Check - Before installing, cleanse, and condition the hair and let it air dry. Be sure to keep the plastic security band around the bundle during this process to speed up the process. Using this method should only take you 5-7 mins as the goal is to see how the hair reacts to the cuticles being opened and closed. Letting the hair air-dry also gives you the ability to see the true quality of the hair without the aid of heat to mask any underlying issue.

100% Guaranteed - I have personally handpicked every xBeauty hair product. On the rare occasion that there is an issue, it will happen within the first 2 weeks. Why is that? By now you should have already done a quality check which means the hair would have been cleansed 2-3 times by now.  Please reach out to us immediately to schedule a consultation if you notice an issue and we will discuss the best course of action. Please be sure to review our xBeauty Hair Care Guide for my hair care tips to prolong the life of your hair.

Best Installation Methods - When installing your gorgeous bundles it is best to use the folding method and avoid sewing through the weft.  Firstly, putting a needle through the weft will weaken its structure and will cause shedding. Secondly, when you reinstall the hair, it will save you time and money. So many times my clients have left behind tracks of hair because they have been cut into so many pieces. Folding the tracks is a sure way for you to guarantee all your hair will be reinstalled.


xBeauty Hair Care Guide

➵ Leave The Past Behind - We suggest having your stylist trim the ends or your new tresses, to remove any split ends seen and unseen. Heat styling with hot tools such as blow dryers and thermal iron will be sure to traumatize Her when all she wants to do is make you more than happy in the future. Let those ends go and bounce into the future!

➵ Treat Her Nice - By now you have left the past behind, eased her into her new home, and believe me she's happy; I saw the selfies on IG! Now that you have your luxurious locks installed be sure to treat your hair as if it were your own because it kinda is. Shampooing upside down will create tangles so always lean back to keep the cuticles in the same direction. Deep conditioning treatments, moisturizing leave-ins will all be required to keep Her healthy and happy. The nicer you are to Her the better she will be to you. 

➵ Easy Baby - Select a shampoo that is gentle and clean. We have an amazing selection of shampoos that will not only cleanse the hair but will also restore what your luxurious locks lose in between shampoos. Getting to the scalp will be a challenge. In my almost 20 years as a stylist, I have yet to come across a soul who enjoys an itchy scalp. I recommend Ecoslay’s Peppermint Schnapps Hair Wash as it not only cleanses the hair and scalp, it has a pointed applicator bottle but also stimulates blood flow. A healthy scalp is one that grows hair; and fast. 

➵ Final Thoughts - Hair extensions should always be a choice, not a necessity. They are an amazing protective style and can help you grow your natural hair throughout your wear. Keeping your hair healthy as you adorn this new look is a must so choose from our selection of high-quality beauty products to keep your hair regiment simple. Please check out our blog post for more amazing pro tips. 


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