Our Vision


Wolf House x Shop is the first black-owned beauty retailer committed to sourcing the best in high-quality clean beauty products exclusively from black-owned companies. 

For far too long, manufacturers have been willing to sell beauty products to our communities which research has shown to be harmful to our health. Creating economic stability should not be done in a manner that is detrimental to a marketed community; the uplift should be universal. 

We help the health-conscious beauty shopper make healthier choices without sacrificing quality allowing them the ability to live a more fulfilling life, all while supporting their own community’s advancement.

With almost 20 years in the industry, Sunshine's incredible talents have been sought-after by celebrity clients like Kelly Rowland, Kash Doll, Melanie Fiona, Andrea Lewis, TV shows, major ad campaigns, & more. 

Sunshine, our CEO & Founder, has made it her mission to provide an alternative to the harsh reality of the beauty industry. Nothing in her career will be as profound as what she hopes Wolf House x Shop will add to the beauty industry.  


She believes the most beautiful people are those who take control of their lives and create memorable moments. "Wolf House x Shop gives you great hair for when those moments are captured."


© 2023 by Wolf House Enterprise |  "Feel Your Best for the Most Memorable Moments in Life"

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